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Our History

Our History

In 1968, Wallingford's Holiday for Giving program was founded.  Over 50+ years ago, it began as a coalition between the Welfare Department and the VNA to help lower income Wallingford families enjoy the holiday season.  The first year of operation, the program provided for 15 families in need. Each year of the program has steadily grown in the number of families that we are able to provide for!

During the first ten years of the program, Holiday for Giving had many homes including: 16 Center Street (without heat), Railroad Station, Spanish Center of Wallingford (SCOW) on South Cherry St., an old liquor store at Center & Meadow and Eastside Square (again with no heat).  In 1978, the program was relocated to the Wallingford Grange Hall, a home with heat and plenty of space to accept donations and make distribution easier.   At that time, the program had grown to servicing 150+ families with food and toys.  We enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Grange for 32 years, but in 2010 the program had grown to servicing over 300+ Wallingford families and we had outgrown the space.  We again looked for a new home and in 2010, the program began operating out of the Wallingford's Parks and Recreation Department. The Parks and Recreation Department has proven to be the perfect home and provides us with all the space we need as well as support of our program and volunteers.

The Holiday for Giving Program is a community organization run by volunteers; it functions solely on donations from individuals, organizations and local businesses. Your donations are given directly back to those in need in the Wallingford Community.  The core committee of about 15 volunteers meet during the year to plan the December season and then invite individual volunteers to help us during the main "season".  This is usually the first two weeks of December to help sort food, sort toys and help participants shop on the Give Away days.

We receive In-Kind support services from the Wallingford Youth & Social Services, the Public Works Department, and the Wallingford Public Schools.

There is a true pooling of resources of volunteers, organizations,  clubs, corporations, small businesses and individuals.  With the dedication of time, donated goods and monetary donations from all these groups combined, we are able to provide hundreds of Wallingford families with a little "Holiday Magic".

How you can help us create more "Holiday Magic"

Fundraising events can be held during the year for Holiday for Giving donations.  We will be happy to store items collected from your event.  Monetary donations are accepted all year long and can be sent to Holiday for Giving, P.O. Box 1612, Wallingford, CT 06492 or via PayPal. 

  • Make a monetary donation

  • Donate a new toy for children 1-12 years old, boy or girl

  • Donate non-perishable food items

  • Donate Gift Cards (increments of $20 or less per card) from: East Center Market, Shop Rite, Aldi's, Walmart or Stop & Shop.

To get the most for our money and to help meet the needs of our families, we would greatly appreciate monetary donations by November 1st.  Doing so will help us plan our budget more effectively, allowing us to get the most for our money by purchasing sale items; ultimately helping us meet the needs of our families facing hardships.  


Helping to spread some "Holiday Magic" to our Wallingford neighbors in need this Holiday season!

Our Mission

To provide Wallingford families, who are facing hardships, with food on their tables, smiles on their children's faces and joy in their hearts while providing a little "Holiday Magic" in their Holiday Season.

Our Mission
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